Based on epidemiological analysis, the Coordination Council continues easing restrictions


✅ On March 19, live music in restaurants will resume.

✅ Ban on more than 3 persons (including the driver) traveling by taxi was lifted on March 23.

✅ On March 28, a soccer game between the national teams of Georgia and Spain is planned. Consequently, the Coordination Council has decided to allow in-person attendance as long as all epidemiological safety standards are observed. The stadium may be filled up to 30% of its seating capacity.

✅ On April 1, children’s entertainment centers and movie theaters will reopen in line with relevant regulations.

✅ For the upcoming Judo Grand Slam, the stadium can be filled up to 30% of its seating capacity.

🔴 The applicable night curfew remains in force as one of the effective ways to reduce mobility.


The council is monitoring the situation to make further decisions based on epidemiological analysis.