✅ On the Interagency Council’s decision, the country’s land borders will reopen on June 1.  Entry at land border crossings will be possible with documentation proving full vaccination and negative PCR test results; or, alternately, just negative PCR test result taken within the previous 72 hours, in which case a follow-up PCR test must be performed on the third day.

When choosing the second, that is, PCR test option to enter the country, visitors must fill out a special application form available on stopcovid.ge: https://registration.gov.ge/pub/form/8_protocol_for_arrivals_in_georgia/tk6157/

✅ List of nationalities – both citizens and residents - admitted to Georgia with a negative PCR test taken within the last 72 hours has been extended to cover Canada, Japan, Kuwait, China, South Korea, Moldova and Oman.

✅ If stable trend of epidemic situation continues, current restriction on eateries for week-ends will be fully removed from June 1. It means that restaurants and cafes will be permitted to admit customers indoors on weekends as well.

✅ Current restriction on social events remains valid and thus wedding parties, repasts, receptions or various other anniversaries or jubilees are still banned in the country.

✅ Ban on mobility remains valid from 23:00 to 04:00.

✅ Regular mandatory testing will continue among the eligible groups throughout June as defined in the Government Decree and cost of the initiative will be incurred from the State Budget.

✅ Inter-Agency Coordination Council once again urges citizens of the country to adhere to the current regulations: uniform wearing of face masks and social distancing. Such behavior is deemed to be the most important measure for the prevention of viral spread, along with the vaccination.