Innovative STOP COVID App Created at Healthcare Ministry's Initiative

STOP COVID - an innovative app that aims at the early detection and prevention of COVID-19 - has been created at the initiative of the Ministry of Healthcare.

The STOP COVID app makes it possible to prevent the spread of the virus through the timely notification of people who have been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Healthcare, the innovative app is available to iOS and Android users. To download the app, iOS users must search for STOP COVID in the App Store, while Android users will be able to download it from Google Play using the name NOVID20. Additional download links can be found on the website of the Ministry of Healthcare (, as well as on the special website created by the government (

The app does not require registration after being downloaded and installed. Correspondingly, the user does not need to provide any personal information. The app assigns each user a unique ID, using which it determines social contacts. All data are stored locally on the smartphone using a powerful system of encryption. Users have complete control over their data and they can decide for themselves what information they wish to disclose at which time. The system pays special attention to compliance with European legislation on data protection.

Bluetooth, GPS, and other technologies are used to determine which smartphones have been in close proximity with each other. Information about the interaction between app users - date of contact, cases involving specific durations (more than 15 minutes) and distances (less than two meters) - are encrypted and stored locally in the apps of both users. If either of the persons is diagnosed with COVID-19, the persons who have been in contact with the aforementioned confirmed case over the past few days will receive a warning via the app to remain in self-isolation and to immediately contact the relevant agencies.

The app was developed by an Austrian company, which made it available to the governments of various countries free of any licensing fees. The app was brought to full compliance with the reality and legislation of Georgia.

A similar model of the app has already been successfully launched and utilized by numerous countries including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and others.
Android users can download the app using the following link:
iOS users can download the app using the following link: