Frequently Asked Questions about the Quarantine Zone

Only if you are a local resident.




Yes, you may enter the quarantined municipality if you are registered in it, though you will be refused of leaving its territory afterwards.

No, as public transport does not operate in the given circumstances.

Only to get food, medication and medical trratment, as well as to cultivate land and to carry out activities related to cattle breeding, paultry and agriculture

Yes, you may.

Yes, you may.

No, as during the State of Emergency it is prohibited to hold events that may involve 10 people, e.g. commemoration dinners, wedding parties, etc. 

No, during the State of Emergency any and all types of mass sports events are prohibited both indoors and outdoors.

No, during the State of Emergency operation of beauty parlors is suspended.

Only the following may operate during the quarantine: healthcare facilities, food retailers, pharmacies and critical infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure includes hospitals, fire-fighting and emergency resque services, urgent medical care, filling stations, power energy and water supply utilities, ATMs, etc.


In the given circumstances, you need to call 112 and tell the Emergency Response Helpdesk operator about it. Relevant agencies will act accordingly.

Yes, local authorities will ensure the delivery of food to self-isolated individuals and pensioner aged over 70.